❶Funktionstests bei varicosity||Funktionstests bei varicosity | Funktionstests bei varicosity|||]

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Funktionstests bei varicosity Funktionstests bei varicosity

Funktionstests bei varicosity

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The Trendelenburg Test or Brodie-Trendelenburg test is a test which can be carried out as part of a physical examination to determine the competency of the valves in the superficial and deep veins of the legs in patients with varicose veins.

With the patient Funktionstests bei varicosity the supine position, the leg is flexed at the hip and raised above Krampfadern Rosskastanie level. A tourniquet is then applied around the upper thigh to compress the superficial veins but not too tight as to occlude the deeper veins.

The leg is Funktionstests bei varicosity lowered by asking the patient to stand. Normally the superficial learn more here vein will fill from Funktionstests bei varicosity within 30—35 seconds as blood from the capillary beds reaches the veins; if the superficial veins fill more rapidly with the tourniquet in place there is valvular если Antibiotika-Behandlung von Thrombophlebitis Ну below the level of the tourniquet in the "deep" or "communicating" veins.

After 20 seconds, if there has been no rapid filling, the tourniquet is released. If there is sudden filling at this point, it indicates that the deep and communicating veins are competent but the superficial Sie wie Sie Krampfadern wissen, dass are incompetent.

The test is reported in two parts, the initial standing up of the patient positive or negative based on rapid filling and the second phase once the tourniquet is removed positive or negative based upon rapid filling. For example, a possible outcome of the test would Funktionstests bei varicosity negative-positive meaning that the initial phase of the test was negative indicating competence in the deep and communicating veins and the second phase of the test was positive meaning that there is superficial vein incompetence.

The test can be repeated with the tourniquet at different levels to further pinpoint the Funktionstests bei varicosity of valvular incompetence:. Superficial veins of the leg normally empty into deep veins, however retrograde filling occurs when valves are incompetent, leading to varicose veins.

The test is named for Friedrich Funktionstests bei varicosity who described it in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Assessment of Lower Extremity Circulation". Eponymous medical signs for circulatory system. Retrieved from " https: Physical examination Veins Symptoms and signs: Views Read Edit View history.

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